Herrenhäuser Gärten

“Herrenhäuser Gärten” in Hanover with “Großer Garten”, “Berggarten”, “Georgengarten” and “Wellengarten” is one of the most famous baroque parkways in Europe. The “Großer Garten” is center of “Herrenhäuser Gärten”. The “Berggarten” was once a kitchen garden and later developed to a botanical garden. In 2000 there was a house of Rainforest built which became an aquarium in 2006. There is a fee for entering the parks and garden.


Hanover Zoo

Hanover Zoo is located in the district “Zoo” of Hanover. Established in May 1865 it is about 22 hectare of size. There are about 2200 animals with a range of 211 different types of animals. At Hanover Zoo there are about 400 employees during main season, most of them for assistance for the visitors.

The Zoo consist of seven different areas for the different animals, all of them are closely built to the natural surrounding in which the animals live naturally. So you may meet some of the animals without fences and barriers.


Maschsee Hanover

The Maschsee is an artificial lake situated south of the city centre of Hanover in Germany. Spanning an area of 78 hectares, it is the largest body of water within the capital of Lower Saxony. The lake is a popular recreation area as well as a venue for numerous water sports.


Cathedral of Braunschweig

The Cathedral of Braunschweig is one of the most important churches in Braunschweig. It was built in 1173 by “Heinrich der Löwe”, duke of Bavaria and Saxony across his castle “Dankwarderode” and it became the gravesite for him and his second wife “Mathilde of England”


Designer Outlets Wolfsburg

The designer outlets Wolfsburg are the only urban outlet center in Germany. Its central location enables easy arrival and departure. Find over 70 international top brands in an impressive architecture. Prices reduced by up to -70% compared to recommended retail prices await you the whole year round. Find sample collections, surplus production, branded goods from previous seasons and factory seconds. Each brand welcomes you in its own boutique. Service, friendly and expert service and of course the option of trying on are offered in a sophisticated atmosphere. Apart from fashion, you can find exclusive beauty products, accessories, chocolate and porcelain in our center. Very close to outlets you may find the ICE-Main-Train-Station, the production plant of VW as well as the Volkswagen-Stadium.


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